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Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex Property Search

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Daniel Sirka, Broker

Daniel Sirka, Broker


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Dallas – Forth Worth Metroplex

North Texas, the DFW metroplex, is currently at the top of the fastest growing areas in the nation; third on the list for America’s boomtowns, just after Los Angeles and Phoenix.
With the population of more than 7 million, Dallas is home to 18 of the Fortune 500 companies, and 18 of the top wealth holders on Forbes Magazine’s list of richest billionaires.

With all that wealth, it is no surprise that the Metroplex is overflowing with shops and restaurants. If you can’t find it here, you can’t find it anywhere. So naturally it has one of the largest and busiest airports, with direct flights to almost any major city in the world. And yes, the DFW airport is larger than many cities, and even has a tollway running though it.

While Dallas may not have Time Square or Central Park, it does have an abundance of hang-out places.  They are just spread out throughout the city, thus easy access for anyone. And with four major sports teams, the Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks, and Stars, DFW will satisfy almost any sports fan.

Dallas-Fort Worth is full of history and character – too many attractions to list here.  However, we would love to tell you more about our great city and why it is the best place to live!  Give us a call and we can visit more.

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