5 ways to make money in Real Estate

If you want to get wealthy, just do what the wealthy do…nothing illegal. Name any well-to-do person or a corporation you want, and you will soon find out that they have some interest in real estate.

As shocking as it may sound, McDonald’s is considered one of the largest real estate companies in the world. In 1956, Harry Sonneborn got on board and convinced the owners to lease and then sub-lease property to their franchisees, or just flat out buy the land and build a store, then lease it out. McD got into real estate, and has not looked back since. McDonald’s, according to some sources, owns over $28 billion in land and buildings. They are applying some of the 5 principles I will mention below. They are not done either, still actively pursuing more land.

Owning real estate has tremendous advantages over any other commodity.

  1. It cannot be moved, thus can’t be physically stolen.
  2. Everyone needs a home, thus always in demand.
  1. Don’t Rent

One of the simplest ways is to stop renting and buy a property. You can purchase with as little as a 3.5% down payment. A portion of your payment will go toward the principle, so eventually you will own a property outright, plus you will get some tax benefits while paying it off.

  1. Renovate

This is for the little more adventurous type, but ton of fun. Find a property that may need some work, and fix it up.

  1. Flip

Flipping homes is not for everyone. There are in general, two ways to flip homes. In both cases you would purchase a property and fix it up, but one option would be to live in it for a year or two, and other is to sell it right away.

  1. Rent

Yes, Rent. Purchase a property and rent it out. This is a big part of McD’s portfolio. While you may be holding a note, someone else is paying it off by paying you rent. Plus you get some tax benefits.

  1. Build

This is the most stressful and you must commit to it all the way, or else you will lose the money and property. But you will get the satisfaction of building a house to your specs.


Real Estate – “I’m lovin’ it”. Would you like fries with that?

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